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Musing XV: No Sleep For Superhumans

Those in my insulated circle manage to hit varying points on the full range of the personality pendulum. But the standard deviation of chara

Musing XIV: Acta Sine Twitter

The worst thing I have found is to just lie in bed, eyes wide on the darkness of the ceiling. Better distract the mind, get a cup of tea and

Musing X: Like A Fine Wine

By chance I recently came across this article, The New Midlife Crisis, and I want to share what was my vulnerable and uncanny reaction to it

Musing IX: Me, Myself and Grace

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a strong, badass woman. It's a deep form of altruism that is at the root of what could be called my self-ob

Musing IV: The Stigma of Kink

We all see the pervasiveness of slut-shaming and the unfortunate debasing that many women face when they exercise the right to feel empowere

Musing III: Monogamy vs. Nature

Let's look at the construct of monogamy. At the very least, we can say that monogamy is the current cultural norm. Relationships that consis

Musing II: The Reality of Fantasy

To me, the “real world” is set up based on certain expectations of behavior correlating with certain environments. That doesn’t make them an

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