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Captain's Log: Must-See Interview, Duo Partner P.S.A.

Like many aspiring iconoclasts, I idolize Peter Thiel. My first gig out of grad school and in the high tech industry was at one of the companies he co-founded (an opportunity for which I uprooted and moved across the country for) so I have an intimate appreciation and understanding of the core values and principles that he prescribes. My time there was one of the most challenging yet exciting periods of my professional career, and I found myself quite quickly becoming a convert to the Dogma of Thiel. While I may not agree with his advocacy on several inflammatory policies as of late, he is undoubtedly a brilliant and badass maverick.

Watch his interview with Dave Rubin and instantly become a fan -- or at least come to respect the man behind the legendary resume.



Have you ever met Taylor?

She is my ace-in-the-hole and I have the great privilege of calling her one of my closest friends. I can implicitly vouch for her supreme beauty, prowess, and overall amazingness.

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