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Musing XI: The Best Compliment For A Man Is "You're Like A Woman"

In a recent exchange with a client, he disclosed that he almost made the mistake of never making contact because he was initially too "intimidated" by me. Grace Lee Riley comes off a bit strong, he says... she's confident (perhaps a bit cocky), overtly smart (perhaps, or likely, smarter than you), and completely unapologetic about her grandiose display of self worth. Interestingly enough, after getting to know him I never would've guessed that he'd be slightly iffy to approach women like me. Surprisingly, those attributes that made him originally hesitate are the exact attributes that make me so appealing to him. Was he a victim of the doomed "I want you, but don't know if I can handle you" complex, i.e. the psychological distance that is better perceived than actually realized? Or maybe he just needs a little more Tony Robbins-level analysis into overcoming fears. Nevertheless, he certainly does not regret that he made that leap. And now we have an intense, almost metaphysical, connection.

So, my dear, what could be an important takeaway here? Well, besides the fact that meeting me might be one of the best decisions of your life ;). My proclamation in a previous blog post came to mind --- that life is about taking risks, adopting acceptance, love, and transcendence; kicking fear in the ass and living as big and as fully as you possibly can. I'm making the tangential argument that, as a man, you should act more like a powerful woman; you need to channel your own inner Grace Lee Riley!

Look at the modern-day woman. How divine is her essence -- the power of her resilience and determination, her ability to be both hardworking and ambitious yet maintain the efforts to be superficially beautiful, her compromising and supportive disposition yet being stalwart to her own convictions, her endearing vulnerability coupled with her capacity to be self sufficient. The feminine took on so much burden for so long that the masculine now has to look to her example. Real men are tapped into their feminine. There is a lot of truly amazing masculine energy to be drawn from the feminine collective right now. The feminine has been taking care of everyone for so long that she's become incredibly adept at being responsible and independent. She is wildly and multidimensionally competent. So right now, the man who becomes more feminine becomes more masculine. He displays courage when he is no longer afraid of his own shadow. He becomes a better caretaker, a better nurturer. He becomes more present, alert, and embodied. He takes better care of himself. He succeeds in his work even while continually attracting and attending to his partner. He doesn't coast on mediocrity and bluster; he prevails against the odds. He has attained true mastery. To evolve, he has to overcome his misogyny -- not only his suppression of her in her physical body, but his suppression of the feminine within him. If he's going to love her, he has to be proud of her, which means he has to acknowledge her abilities and recognize their value. To meet her, he must match her. He must cultivate her within himself, allowing her to model all the work she's done to get here. He has to start seeing her so he can follow HER example.

So guys, here is an important life tip: Be more like a woman, and you'll become a greater man for it. Brace yourselves. There is so much that we can teach you.

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