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"Where do I begin? Grace is that high school crush that you hope to steal a kiss from, and she would be studying studiously and left no time to even catch whatever flirting that you would send her way. Grace is that beautiful Asian female student who possesses the delicate and alluring face of an Asian movie star, body of a western/American Hollywood starlet (think Scarlett Johansson), 'Grace'-ful movement of a ballerina/dancer, and disposition of royalty and mannerism of upper class upbringing refined in the likes of Phillips Exeter. 


Grace is the epitome of a beautiful and confident girl perfectly blending the best of East and West elements, exuding endless desires. Grace is a totally rare find/gem. Yes her pictures are real (even though they look like copy/paste directly from Maxim's Hot 100/Victoria Secret Model Calendar) and she is intelligent, fascinating and almost renaissance like in her interests and knowledge base. Having travelled frequently in Asia, I have met and interacted with many beautiful looking Asian ladies. Grace's exquisite face and tall and slender frame, together with curves in all the right places, would place her in the top 1% in any crowd in Asia. What that means is that it is impossible to miss her if you scan a crowd, Grace will stand out for sure. What is also intriguing is that Grace's upbringing in the U.S. together with culture from her family's Asian roots, together likely have influenced her to be such a sensual and adorable nymph who can easily turn on her charm and rev it into high gear. Hearing her sexy voice, with assuring confirmation and bright and clear resonance, was a treat. Watching her walking into my hotel room in her red trench coat and leather boots, while flashing me with her beautiful and intoxicating smiles, I was already speechless. Run to see Grace now, before she takes off and chooses to swim like a mermaid in paradise instead...."

"I found Grace a while ago but haven't had the opportunity to see her until recently. I read all her blog entries, checked out her pictures and I knew she was special. I had a great feeling we would connect. I’ve seen ladies promote the “Ivy League educated” persona before but with Grace, it is not a ruse. Grace is brilliant (not just smart), sweet, sensual, extremely erotically charged and stunning! Her screening is thorough, but not atypical. We decided to meet for a two hour appt at her place in midtown. The night before I got little sleep from the anticipation and excitement. My expectations were exceeded and Grace is an absolute treasure and truly one of a kind. 

When I arrived to her place, I was aching with excitement. When she opened her door, I saw a beautiful and statuesque woman with a big smile on her face, just as I had hoped she would look. Grace is quite tall, with heels she was eye-level to me and I am 6’1. She was wearing a black dress and leopard heels, and I could see her red lace bra peeking beneath the cloth. She has silky long black hair that goes all the way down to her perfect butt, a gorgeous face and stunning figure. We chatted and I got to know a little bit about her, which made me feel right at ease. She has a warm and flirty personality that made me feel super comfortable and the date felt very authentic..."

"Grace is the definition of an all-time-favorite. She is absolutely amazing in every way. If you wish to see her you must have all of your references and screening information in order, because she checks well and I think that that is important for everyone involved for our safety, security and privacy. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. I have seen her multiple times and I’m always absolutely thrilled. It can’t get better than this, I promise.

There is really nothing to say about Grace that has not been said before, because she is absolute perfection in every way. It is really hard for me to write this review, because I have reviewed her before one year ago, but I still feel compelled to say how much more amazing she always is every time I see her. So let me give it my best shot..."

"Grace was visiting San Francisco so I contacted her for an appointment. I believed we had many things in common so I thought it would be a great meeting. I underestimated how marvelous this young lady proved to be. We initially met for lunch in a restaurant previously frequented by Raymond Chandler. The conversation was very eclectic and I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of what lay ahead. Grace is someone who should not be missed. You are in for a unique experience due to her beauty and intellectual stimulation. I hope to visit with her again. This is an exceptional woman that I connected with intensely. I made arrangements to see her when she returns. I hope she will grace me with her presence. I would leave no stone unturned in my attempts to see her. Please be Gracious as she deserves to be treated like the royalty that she is.

I consider myself well read and an erudite professional. I crave beautiful women with vibrant personalities and brains to match. I find this combination heightens the experience as it stimulates all your senses. Grace embodied all these items on my desired checklist...."

"This was the second time I met Grace. This time at my hotel in midtown Manhattan. She came on time, dressed as I asked in a workout clothes (all Lulu and Nikes) and with limited make-ups ( i want her to come in super casual). She came and looked more beautiful that I remembered her. We kissed and start catching up right away. It was an amazing time. Grace, I will see you again when I'm in town...."

"I have been seeing Grace (Lee Riley) for about a year now. I first met her when she was visiting Palo Alto, in my neck of the woods. Im originally from NY so I get to see her on both coasts/cities. This review will recall my last meeting with her which was on a trip to NYC with my lady friend who was dying to meet Grace. I echo the sentiment of others, having the difficulty putting into words how extraordinary this woman is and everything about her is incredibly sexy. I know she's the favorite of men who demand the best but Im thankful she has allowed me to be in her close circle of friends. I adore you, Miss Grace. You are truly the rarest diamond of all.

First thing you might notice about Grace is that she is extremely bright. Those brains are paired with an incredible body and gorgeous face. Oh that body. She's an athlete with all the right curves and toned lines. A female partner of mine was dying to meet the woman I hold in such esteem. Are the stories true? Grace exceeded all expectations of my partner, and even mine! Was that even possible?! My lady and I were staying in the hotel for three days for work/play. I arranged to have Grace to join us for dinner on night 2 at Morimoto. My lady and I got there and hour before Grace was expected. I wanted my lady to be shocked and awed when she arrived. The look on my lady's face when Grace was walking towards us in her high heels and skintight dress = priceless! Her face is that of a movie star or social media sensation. She turned all heads as she walked towards us. I saw a group of young suited guys all stare at her with desire..."

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