Tall and statuesque physique, silky soft skin, a feminine yet athletic build due to a lifelong love and talent of sports, former Division I competitive rower


A former quant turned avant-garde engineer by trade, a modern day Oracle at Delphi, a wonderful enigma, and the Floating World come to life


Ivy League educated in STEM disciplines, cultured, versed in several languages


The perfect union of beauty, passion and highbrow intellect

The Cities

Primary:  New York City

Secondary:  San Francisco & Silicon Valley (by request only)

The Body

Lineage:  Korean

Height:  5 ft 9 in (~6 ft with heels)

Aesthetics:  No piercings or tattoos

Bust:  All natural 34D

Hair:  Very long and straight

The Brain

Education:  Master of Science

Lingual:  Polyglot

Vocation:  Engineer

The Woman

Interests:  renewable energy, heavy metal, running fast and lifting heavy, machine learning AI, astronomy, jetting around Asia, game theory, robotics, cyberpunk, smart yet unpretentious people, chess against talented opponents, disruptors and rebels, making my loved ones happy 


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