Currently Reading: Connecting The Dots By John Chambers

6 Oct 2018

He's a household name... if your household is made up of erudite professionals. I've long admired John Chambers, the man primarily responsible for Cisco's rise as a tech behemoth. For me, as an engineer turned entrepreneur navigating the choppy waters of the startup game, his new book is enlightening and its content fortifying. While he mostly discusses the importance of digitization to maintain relevance in an exponentially changing world, he outlines a blueprint that should be applied across sectors. One of the major takeaways is the make-or-break essentiality of innovation. Innovation is key, and should be applied to everything we do. Innovate your business model, innovate your strategy, innovate your investment portfolio, innovate yourself. Change can be scary -- but stand still or stay the same, then become obsolete. He argues that we must have a "startup mentality on speed, fearlessness and ability to dream." 





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