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Musing I: Diversification of the Lover Portfolio

A rather eventful year is coming to a close and I find myself reflecting on the adventures I embarked in the past twelve months and the new territories I hope to explore in the next. I constantly seek to create diversity in all of my life's experiences, including my intimate ones. My mantra has always been that I want to create connections and relationships that are powerful, authentic and intense, in whatever form that may take. This musing consists of a story of two of my lovers; two very different but equally amazing men. And while they are certainly not the only lovers who are special, they are the ones who have inspired me to dissect their differences, and express gratitude about the lover-ish traits that I adore about them and the ways in which they add excitement and passion to my life.

The Athlete

His stats: A well known and respected fitness professional and model who has graced the covers of men's magazines and can be found sporting compression tights in Under Armour advertisements. He is the owner and founder of a popular boutique gym that is expanding rapidly and universally dubbed the "hardest workout on the planet" by the media and hardcore gym rats.

How we met: We met at the Soho House for a mutual friend's get together. Among the unfortunate pool of vain and image/money obsessed minions, we stood out in our subdued confidence. He invited me to check out his gym on a day when he was teaching. I decided to take his class on a Sunday morning. Ok, so I had this notion that I was a strong athlete, having rowed competitively in college, completed numerous marathons, and more often than not I can be seen pushing heavier plates on my squats and deadlifts than the men at the Equinox gyms I frequent. However, my ego was quickly deflated when I entered his domain. It was a class full of alpha athletes who were none too hesitant to take off their shirts to display their finely sculpted and defined muscles. He yelled, he commanded, he encouraged into the microphone while taking an obvious interest in paying close attention to my sprints and gallops across the turf. At the end of the workout, everyone wanted to take pictures with him to inevitably post on their respective social media pages with the corresponding hashtags that would hopefully portray a sense of fitness elitism. I began to walk out when he ran after me (possibly mid-photo) to thank me for coming.

In the boudoir: rigorous and athletic

A typical tryst - once the door is closed, I'm pushed up against the wall, our hands locked, my arms lifted over my head as he works his mouth from my lips to my neck while using his tongue with considerable pressure. If I'm wearing a dress, he immediately takes it off me. He lifts me up effortlessly, both of his hands clutching my ass cheeks. He lays me out on the bed, proceeds to take off his clothes as I begin to touch myself. He will do things like "motorboat" my breasts with a light silliness to make me laugh while giving me a boyish grin and flashing his perfectly white and aligned teeth. His kisses are long, deep and forceful. I have jokingly wondered, "Does his tongue follow an Olympic lifting regiment?" He licks my pussy with a predictable yet pleasurable rhythm, often times in the 69 position. He has a penchant to talk dirty, and prefers to take charge by directing the positions in which we play. His favorite is cowgirl because of the "amazing view", it gives his tongue access to my lips and breasts, and his hands are free to spank and grab my "incredible ass". There are always multiple rounds, and many variations of the Kamasutra positions are explored. He likes when I lock eyes with him when we both climax and I always feel him work faster and harder immediately after I orgasm because it puts him in overdrive when watching me quiver with pleasure. After we have exhausted ourselves to our physical limits, he likes to get cozy under the covers, straddle himself between my thighs and play tongue wrestle until our lips feel chapped and raw.

What I love about him: his stamina and good looks, his ambition and idealism, his refreshingly light demeanor and John Cleese-like humor, his insatiable and explosive desire for me, our almost excessive sexual chemistry that is so intensely palpable wherever and whenever we are together.

The Entrepreneur

His stats: A highly accomplished executive who has traveled to almost all of the places on my bucket list, even the most obscure and exotic. He is a well documented philanthropist with a public profile that portrays him as a serial entrepreneur on the forefront of modern innovation.

How we met: he had seen my profile on a popular review site (even though he is not an active participant in its forums) and wanted to connect. His initial email was vague about his identity, but nonetheless respectful and detailed. He claimed he did not dabble in this arena to any habitual degree, but that I had deeply caught his interest. On our first phone call, we talked about everything from the weather to music to movies, our favorite travel destinations, hobbies, and our intimate preferences and fantasies. We made each other laugh, and exchanged witty and flirty repartee. He candidly admitted that for reasons unknown to him, it has been difficult at times to reach full climax and it has often ended without completion on his side. "Well darling", I said, "I'm glad you found me...".

In the boudoir: exploratory and experimental

A typical tryst - the greatest thing about our affairs is that we generally follow no routine. I knew that the best way for us to connect was having him trust in my willingness to always nurture an honest, safe and judgment-free space. Our first date was scheduled for multiple hours at the Mandarin, where we planned to order room service since having dinner in public wasn't an option. But now that I think about it, we never actually got around to eating dinner....

Our sex is like a tango; a coordinated synergy of sensual wonder. Our hands are used to tickle, tease and massage each other to build the anticipation. He likes to spank, then caress and kiss, creating that adrenaline rush that gets me incredibly wet. He is gentle in his touches and kisses, always wondering if he's making me feel good as if the slippery state of my pussy wasn't enough proof. Every date since our first, we have explored widely different avenues of role play and kink. Through various mediums of experimentation, I have discovered the triggers to get him to not only climax intensely but climax multiple times in the same night.

And while he has expressed his desire for him to be "my only", he is sweetly understanding and respectful of our relationship dynamic. However, we connect so deeply on an intellectual, spiritual and physical level, that I have certainly considered his proposal until my pragmatism towards love, sex and relationships disables me to entertain it further. He spoils me to a magnanimous degree and has whisked me off to several discreet and luxurious destinations since we met (yes, hot sex on a private beach is feasible if you come prepared with the appropriately sized towel or sheet and can avoid getting sand in your naughty parts). He is not only an amazing man and benefactor, but a mentor and adviser.

What I love about him: his energy, his generosity, his deep and sincere adoration of me, his romantic nature, his intoxicating and addictive kisses, his blue eyes that are impossibly hypnotizing, the interesting and thought-provoking conversations that I never get tired of, the unyielding determination that he evokes in me to please and make him happy, and the reciprocity we show each other in the deepest forms of true intimacy.

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